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The 'lockdown' in England has been lifted but we still need to take care and think about those who are clinically vulnerable to the disease. 


The virus that causes COVID 19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks.  Some droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and they quickly fall and contaminate floors and surfaces. Other smaller airborne particles can remain in the air for some time. You can be infected by breathing in the virus if you are within close proximity of a person who has Covid-19.

Click here to read the English Government's advice about staying safe and helping to prevent the spread of Covid 19, the advice below is based on this.

How can I ensure my family’s and everyone else’s safety at the allotments?

Do not attend your plot if you have coronavirus symptoms or a family member is self-isolating, this includes people who need to isolate after returning from holidays abroad.

Continue to sanitise or wash hands regularly, especially before and after touching communal items such as the gate lock. Do not wash your hands in water troughs.

The allotment sites in Rye, East Sussex are managed by a Community Interest Company founded by a group of Rye Town Councillors. Set up in 2011, Rye Amenity CIC enabled the devolvement of the allotments management from the District Council in 2013. This means that Rye's allotments are run by people who live near them, and work the plots.


There are two allotment sites in the town, situated at South Undercliff and Love Lane, in total providing around 100 plots for local residents.


To find out more about taking on an allotment in Rye click here.


Allotment News

18 April 2019


The helpful people at Wyevale Garden Centres have produced a useful calendar on when to plant 66 types of fruit and vegetable.



6 March 2019


Wire Fence, a gardening and allotments supplier has agreed to give plot-holders 10% off all purchases they make from the Wire Fence website. See the Useful Links section of our website, to get a link straight to their site and simply use the voucher code ryeallotments10 at checkout to take advantage of the offer.



27 January 2019


A gentle reminder to plot-holder's at South Undercliff, that your plot is required to clearly display the plot number. This greatly assists members of the Rye South Undercliff Allotment Group, when they undertake their plot inspections.



Rye Neighbourhood Plan 


Rye Town Council, as the qualifying body, has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for the town. The Plan proposes a vision for the town and a number of planning policies to be used in the determination of planning applications locally.


Copies of the Submission Rye Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents are available to view and made representations on until 11 January  2019. You can view and download all of the submission documents at the Rother District Council website. Alternatively, the documents are available to view, during normal working hours, at the following locations:

  • Rother District Council, Town Hall, Town Hall Square, Bexhill-on-Sea (closed over Christmas from 24 December 2018 - 2 January 2019); or
  • Rye Library, High Street, Rye.


How can I submit my representations?


Any person, business or organisation may comment on the Plan or supporting documents. Representations can be completed and submitted online using this form. All representations will be publicly available and will be forwarded for consideration by the person appointed to carry out an examination of the Plan. Any representation received after 11 January 2019, cannot be considered.


Rye News Article - 13 December 2018


A number of you will probably have seen this article, entitled Are Our Allotments In Danger? We would like to assure you that Rye Amenity CIC has been engaged with Rye Town Council's Rye Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group insofar as the Plan seeks to safeguard the allotments and the Rye Community Garden. Following the article in Rye News, the Steering Group Vice-Chair, Col. Anthony Kimber, has told us:


Importantly we are clear that the community values the two allotments and newly established community garden, as part of Rye's green infrastructure. We reflect that in the evidence and pick it up on P27 and P72 of the Main Plan.  Importantly we do not allocate any identified green space or allotment for development. That alone means that any body setting out to develop an unallocated site in future would find it difficult, particularly as both main allotments suffer from surface water flood risks. 
Rye Amenity CIC has already made representations, via the online form (link provided above). We would encourage all plot holders to also make representations in their own right. The main text of our representation was as follows:
We would urge that the text at pages 27, 28 and 72 is tightened insofar as it relates to the two allotment sites in Rye and the Rye Community Garden. As the organisation that operates the allotment sites, we can confirm that both are highly valued in the local community and that there is a waiting list for allotments in Rye.
Both sites are already designated as Assets of Community Value and they should be afforded the greatest possible protection in the Neighbourhood Plan. Figure 28 should include both allotment sites as designated "Green Infrastructure" protected by Policy E2. The allotment sites and the Community Garden clearly fit the criteria in that they "contribute to delivering a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits" for the local community.
Further, the Community Garden is a large open space, very close to housing (Love Lane and Tillingham Avenue) and places of work (Rye College and Rye Primary School) and it provides the opportunity for informal recreation all year round.
Also, the South Undercliff allotment site is open to the public with a footpath leading from South Undercliff at one end to Shipyard Lane at the other; it is in the middle of large areas of housing and in close proximity to a number of workplaces. There is a designated 'communal' area that affords the opportunity for visitors to sit and relax in a small orchard-style area. The South Undercliff site is often used by nearby residents, not just allotment plot holders.




Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999


Southern Water recently carried out inspections of both allotment sites to assess compliance with the Regulations. Allotment sites generally are automatically rated as a Grade 5 risk (High Risk). Both sites in Rye were Grade 5 prior to the inspections. We have since received confirmation from Southern Water's Water Regulations Enforcement Officers that "all the plumbing installations inspected met the standards" that are required. As a result of this, both Rye allotment sites have had their risk category downgraded to the lowest possible category that allotment sites can achieve.



15 December 2018


We have started the process of sending invoices out for 2019. When we started managing the Rye Allotments we were able to reduce the rents from the prices charged by Rother District Council. This was followed by a further small reduction in rent. Having now managed the allotments for five years, we have, for the first time needed to increase the rents slightly. For 2019, there will be an increase of 2.5%, which is in line with inflation. The total cost for an allotment is still below what it was under Rother District Council.


In light of the above, the following rents/charges will apply from January 2019:


  • Small Plot rental - £40.17 
  • Small Plot water charge - £3.59
  • TOTAL for a Small Plot - £43.76


  • Large Plot rental - £74.45
  • Large Plot water charge - £7.18
  • TOTAL for a Small Plot - £82.63



25 July 2018 - Best Kept Allotment 2018


Judging for the Best Kept Allotment 2018 has now taken place. We would like to thank this year's judge, Lorna Hall, for taking the time to walk around both sites and carefully consider all of the plots. Lorna has told us that she found the decision particularly difficult as there were a significant number of outstanding plots. She also noted some plots that are still "works in progress", but are likely to be serious contenders next year!


The final decision has been made and will be announced by Lorna at the Rye Flower and Vegetable Show on 18 August. 




6 July 2018 - Best Kept Allotment 2018


As in previous years, the winner of the Best Kept Allotment prize will be announced at the annual Rye Flower and Vegetable Show (which will be held on Saturday 18 August 2018). However, judging for the prize is due to take place within the next two weeks so that the judge(s) get to see the allotment plots at their best. You do not need to enter this competition, every allotment plot will be considered by the judge(s).





2 June 2018




We'd like your feedback regarding an exciting new project that we are considering for Rye. Please click here for more information and to find the link to our latest survey. As stated in the survey content, this project WILL NOT be funded by rental income from the allotments. All allotment income is ring-fenced and safeguarded for use on maintaining and improving the allotments in Rye.





23 May 2018


With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect this Friday, 25 May 2018, we've updated our Privacy Notice. Our new Privacy Notice explains how we collect, use, disclose, retain and protect your personal information. To read more please click here.





Rye Flower & Vegetable Show 2018 needs your help!


Helena Hudd is currently in the process of putting together this year's show and she is seeking "Category sponsors" for the show. For the very reasonable sum of £20.00 you or your business can become a sponsor, for which your sponsorship will be acknowledged in the event programme and in press releases leading up to the event.


If you, your business, or someone you know, would like to become a sponsor, please contact us at ryeamenitycic@gmail.com and we will be pleased to pass your details on to Helena.




15 May 2018


We have received an email from Miss Martin, a teacher in upstate New York. Miss Martin's class are currently working on a project where they are helping the Maintenance Department build a shed to store athletic equipment. While searching the internet for information that may help them with the construction of a shed, the class came across the Rye Allotments website.


Miss Martin's class have found an article that will assist them in their construction project and that they hope will be able to assist others as well. Miss Martin has asked that we share the link to the article, which will show her class that their research has also been able to help others! So, please click here to see the article that was found by Miss Martin's class to help them with their shed building project.


We look forward to receiving some pictures of how the build goes! Thank you to Miss Martin, and your class for taking the time to contact us.




14 May 2018


The works to replace a 40m section of pipe at the South Undercliff allotment site are now largely complete. There are just a few cosmetic matters still to attend to during the coming week. We would like to extend a huge 'thank you' to those plot-holders that assisted with the works over the weekend: the work could not have been done without you. Also, to clear up a rumour that seems to have been circulating over the weekend, Rye Amenity CIC did not employ contractors "at great expense" to undertake the work, it was all undertaken by volunteers.




9 May 2018


*** Water Leak at South Undercliff ***


As the more eagle-eyed plot-holders at South Undercliff may have noticed, we are currently having to deal with yet another water leak, this time on a section of underground pipe that supplies the water troughs. For further information on the forthcoming work to try and fix the problem, and the plots likely to be affected, please click here.


12 April 2018


Following the update on 31 January, advising that we had made an application to Rother District Council for both of the Rye allotment sites to be entered onto the Register of Assets of Community Value, we are pleased that our application was succesful. Both sites have now been entered onto the Register and will remain registered for the next five years. 


We would like to thank Rye Town Council for unanimously supporting our application. Thanks too for the help and assistance provided by the relevant staff at Rother District Council.


The entry on the Rother District Council Community Asset Register can be viewed here.




1 April 2018

South Undercliff Allotments


Discussions with the Rye South Undercliff Allotment Group (RSUAG) have successfully concluded in a deal to devolve a lot of the day-to-day management of the South Undercliff allotment site to RSUAG. We would like to take this opportunity to thank RSUAG (particularly Allen Cottell) for your help and assistance during this process.



21 March 2018

South Undercliff Allotments


We had a very productive meeting yesterday afternoon with two representatives from the South Undercliff Allotment Group (SUAG), to start the process of devolving some management functions for the South Undercliff Allotment site from Rye Amenity CIC to SUAG. Both parties are hopeful that a final agreement can be reached in the coming weeks so that devolution can be up and running by 1 April 2018 for a 12 month trial. Further news will follow.



13 March 2018


We have started to make some small amendments to our website in readiness for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on 25 May 2018. We constantly review and update our processes in order to satisfy ourselves that we only hold the personal information that we require in order to run our business effectively. Allotment tenants are reminded that it is their responsibility to advise us if their contact information changes. In the coming weeks we will be contacting all plot-holders with further information that we may be required to provide in order to comply with GDPR. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to conatct us. Also, our current Data Protection Policy is available here.



15 February 2018

South Undercliff


The consultation regarding the proposed devolution of some management functions at the South Undercliff allotment site has now been closed. We confirm that every response we received expressed agreement, in principle, to the devolvement process moving forward. As such, we can now move ahead to discuss this in greater detail. Further information will be posted here as soon as it is available.



4 February 2018

South Undercliff 


A new consultation on the proposed devolvement of some day-to-day management functions at the South Undercliff allotment site has been launched today. The consultation simply seeks to know wheether or not you agree, in principle, to the devolvement taking place. For more information and to respond to the consultation please click here.


2 February 2018

Love Lane


Following on from the Rye Allotment Association meeting on 16 January 2018, we have started to action all of the points raised, in particular the padlocks and fencing. An inspection of the Love Lane allotments was carried out earlier today. We will provide a further update in due course.


1 February 2018


We were pleased to be able to help the Leisure and Green Spaces Manager, Phil Gill, at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council last week, with research into the possible ways in which their Council might look at devolving allotment services in Rotherham.


31 January 2018


We have sent an application to Rother District Council to have both the Love Lane and South Undercliff allotment sites entered onto the Register of Assets of Community Value. We will provide a further update as and when the application has been considered by Rother.


30 January 2018


Following on from the update regarding the consultation on the new Allotment Rules, we have now published the Rules which will take effect from 1 March 2018. To download a copy, please click here.


29 January 2018


Rye Amenity CIC have considered all responses received under the consultation on the proposed new Allotment Rules. We would like to thank all those of you that have responded to the consultation process. We have very much valued your comments and input, some of which has led to us changing and updating the proposed new Rules. 


Below is a document containing a summary of the feedback we received, and our response to it. Now that the consultation process is concluded, we will be issuing the new Allotment Rules shortly, and they will come into effect from 1 March 2018. We will publish the new Rules on this website as soon as they are available and we will email a copy to all plot-holders for whom we hold an email address. Those that do not have email, will be sent a copy of the new Rules by post.


Now that this process has been concluded, and when the new Rules are in place, we can continue discussions with the two allotment groups / societies regarding the possible devolution of some functions. 

Consultation Results on Proposed New Allotment Rules, Jan 2018
Consultation Responses.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [699.0 KB]
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